Pineta Zootecnici

Over 50 years of activity are synonymous with professional quality that is the best guarantee for all our customers. 


Pineta Zootecnici was born in Reggio Emilia in 1960 with address livestock purely as a small family business and rooted in the territory. 

Soon, has expanded the types of production and embracing also overlooking the field of small animal farming for emotional and / or a hobby: a prelude. In fact, the 'business process in this direction began long before the industry would develop in timely manner. 

A path, that of Pineta, which, thanks to the passion and determination, has transformed the initial journey in a constantly expanding and marked the transition from one generation to another and is now an international level.
The history of continuous development of the company, is based on the concepts that form the basis for its management: experience of years of work, continuous strategic innovation techniques, internationalization, planning and careful research to the creation of new quality products for animal welfare and, finally, big commitment.
On December 3, 2011, Pineta Zootecnici was publicly awarded gold medal by the Chamber of Commerce for "Labor and Economic Progress."
A recognition of great importance and value : the Chamber, as an institution at the service of the economy, has offered a prize to the protagonists of the economic system, rewarding entrepreneurs and businesses long-lived and successful.
Mission : We want to be recognized as a working group characterized by expertise and especially by a great passion, able to develop and market solutions that improve the quality of life and well-being of our animals. We try to keep a team of high quality, characterized by a spirit of collaboration and with important knowledge. Our goal is the commitment to results always acting with responsibility and consistency.
Our Values : As always, in pursuing our corporate objectives we aspire to some values ,that we consider fundamental and that we apply daily in the work we do and relationships with co-workers and our partners:
  • Ethics in business management . 
  • Ethicality in business management for us means reliability and correctness of conduct; Collaboration: team spirit . 
  • Our success comes through a group effort: to get the goals we set for ourselves we believe that the exchange of knowledge and experiences portsto a better result.
  • Focus on customers . 
The customer is our most important asset: listen to their needs is a top priority for us. 

We are constantly alert and sensitive to the needs of our customers and try to give satisfaction in the shortest possible time; Innovation: the creation of value in the future . 

Innovation as capacity development of ideas and insights, using our expertise and our resources.